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Perfect Essay Writing Guide – Marshall Heating


Perfect essay? Sounds promising, but is this possible in reality? The author of this article now would be contrary to the title, which was invented by himself, but by definition this essay is impossible to write. As the word “essai” is French for “the experience, test, try, sketch, sketch”. Thus, the etymology of the word deny anything brought to perfection. But to write high quality and interesting work, which will be appreciated by the teacher, of course, possible. So, let us discuss what this type of work and what skills must a student demonstrate in writing.

Essay student work, view works of prose, which is written in free form, and, in fact, is the statement of the author on a given topic.

In this work, is tested, rather, not the student’s knowledge and his ability to convincingly prove his point of view and to formulate ideas and build them consistently and logically. The essay is one of the most creative jobs, which give at the University.

Despite its apparent simplicity, it gives good results:

  1. Students have formed a creative thinking
  2. Also to develop the skill to concisely and convincingly Express their point of view
  3. Formed analytical thinking

If we talk about the content of the essay, it is best to adhere to the following 5 principles when writing:

1. Essay speaks, first of all, the author’s point of view, which means that it has a subjective character. Therefore, you should not try to summarize someone else’s opinion on this issue, it is better to Express their and compare it with existing hypotheses or axioms.

2. Despite the fact that in an essay first and foremost interested in your opinion, but be aware that you are considering a certain topic and then the content of the works it must be disclosed. To control, in the right direction whether you are better to ask yourself the following questions:

– disclosed whether the topic/question?

– how to properly and correctly write an essay?

3. Oratory is a skill that is in demand since Ancient times and still has not lost its significance and in its can and should be exercised. Therefore, your essay should be inspiring, able to convince the reader to adopt your way of thinking.

4. Individuality and peculiarity. Yes, it sounds rather trite – everywhere are now demanding this same personality, and, of course, pounds of raisins. But when it comes to essay meant a bit another: the form is as important as the content. So your thoughts have been heard, they should be interestingly presented. Therefore, attention should be given to his literary style and writing skill.

5. Don’t forget the details. Any work looks more compelling and convincing if it referred to certain facts, interesting arguments, examples from authentic literary sources there are references to relevant publications or names. Like a trifle, but when read it makes an indelible impression.

Genre of the essay defines the style in which it should be written:

  1. Review. For this is more journalistic and artistic styles, you can also use the elements of scientific.
  2. Miniature. The art style will be most natural for this genre.
  3. Notes. Publicistic style is suitable for this type of essay to a greater extent than others.
  4. Literary diary. Again, suitable journalistic and artistic styles.
  5. Letters. As this species has a more personal character, that will fit styles such as artistic and journalistic.

Now consider the important structural elements that should be contained in the essay

Introduction. In this part it is better to pay attention on a problem/topic that is stated in the essay.

The main part, which is based on the principle of “thesis and argument” (it is better if contains 2-3 facts).


Fairly simple structure allows you to Express thoughts in a free form, but not lose the integrity that is essential for any job.

What to avoid in an essay

Eloquence is certainly good, but remember that brevity – the sister of talent. Therefore it is better not to use a hard, intricate, difficult to understand sentences. Also try not to pour water, it is better to write less than to fill the void with meaningless phrases. In addition, do not overload the essay with a long introduction and get to the point, everything should be in moderation. You should also recommend to recheck several times the written text, since errors are very much spoil the impression.

So, to summarize: to write good essays need to be concise, coherent and to bring those arguments that you can prove. Details – enhances any business, so don’t hesitate to show off the facts if you have them somewhere stashed. And also you can choose the style of writing that is most natural for the given genre. If you follow these rules, then you can get a complete work that will be of interest to readers.